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The Beach


The beach of Villaggio Maderno is located directly at the foot of the village: the water is clear and transparent, away from noise and immersed in the quiet of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park. The beach of Villaggio Maderno, like all the beaches of Lake Garda, consists of sand and gravel. The charm of the beaches of Lake Garda, as well as that of the Maderno Village, is the inclusion in a natural context among the most unique and fascinating of Italy. Lake Garda, for its majesty (it is the largest in Italy) and for the fact that it is surrounded by a series of mountains already prealpine, gratifies the eye and the heart. Lying on the sand, you do not get the impression of a static view typical of the great Adriatic beaches (especially if fascinating for their size and which allow a very gradual entry into the water).

On Lake Garda the gaze is always satisfied: the royalty of the mountains, the colors of the sky that change suddenly, the movement of water that changes often and even the colors of Lake Garda that vary from turquoise to green, to deep blue and gray times depending on the weather. On Lake Garda it is said that often behaves like the sea because of the storms that cool the air in the summer and quickly fade away, leaving a pleasant and terse air that allows you to see the whole other side of the lake with extreme clarity: waves become almost threatening, then come back calm, flat as oil, as in certain evenings of the full moon, in which even those who can not write verses .... would feel inspired.



Villaggio Maderno




Mobil House

Villaggio Turistico Maderno offers its guests the opportunity to stay in their modern equipped facilities.

Mobile home with 6 beds.
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Mobile home with 4 bedso.
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Mobile home with 2 beds.
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Villaggio Turistico Maderno

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Passeggiata a Lago S. EscrivĂ , 5
Toscolano Maderno (BS) - Italy


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